Sports law

Since 1990 and his key role in the Bosman case, which revolutionized the football industry and more generally that of all team sports, Jean-Louis DUPONT - a pioneer in this field - has developed a unique experience in international sports law, particularly in cases involving European law.

In 1999, he was joined by Martin HISSEL - also a specialist in European law - when the City of Brussels asked them to take charge of the legal aspects of the organization of EURO 2000.

Together they have since defended hundreds of cases, acting on behalf of all stakeholders in the professional sports sector, before the CJEU, the European Commission, the European Court of Human Rights, national competition authorities, national courts, international (including CAS) and national arbitration tribunals, and the internal judicial bodies of national and international sports associations.

They also assist their clients in negotiating contracts specific to the sports sector : transfers, employment contracts, image rights, sponsorship, media rights, public subsidies, public-private partnerships, etc.

They also support their club clients in their growth process : ttransformation of associations into commercial companies, search for investors, purchase/sale of clubs, etc.

Here are some of the most important cases of their career, which is characterized by a total independence from all decision-makers in the sports world, both public and private.

European law and
international arbitration

« DUPONT-HISSEL » also regularly acts in European law and international commercial arbitration, cases, outside the professional sports sector.

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