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Sports law

Since 1990, "DUPONT-HISSEL" - a pioneer in this field - has developed a unique experience in international sports law, particularly in matters relating to European law.

European law

Jean-Louis DUPONT and Martin HISSEL are also regularly involved in European law and international commercial arbitration cases, outside the professional sports sector.

Whatever your profile, "DUPONT-HISSEL" is happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

News and recent cases

The High Commercial Court of Madrid reinstates the provisional measures for the benefit of the European Super League and against UEFA-FIFA

In its decision, the Madrid court stresses that the "values of sport" (which the international football federations claim to be guaranteed by Article 165 TFEU) are in no way such as to justify their absolute monopoly and that the pseudo-European model of sport is not a binding or uniform norm.

The future of sport Governance in Europe: seminar this 13 January in Brussels.

This 13 January in Brussels (or "on line"), "Concurrences" organises a seminar on "THE FUTURE OF SPORT GOVERNANCE IN EUROPE. THE TIMES: THEY ARE A-CHANGIN'".

Bernd REICHART, CEO of A22, in front of the Spanish press.

On Friday 2 December 2022, Bernd REICHART, CEO of A22, spoke to the Spanish media at a conference in Madrid.