In recent years, « DUPONT-HISSEL » has represented the following persons and companies in European law and/or international arbitration cases:

A leading company in the market for the promotion and construction of power plants, against a service provider, before the Swiss Arbitration Center, for a dispute in the amount of 800 million euros.

Bernard TAPIE and certain of his companies in the 'TAPIE-Crédit Lyonnais - ADIDAS' dispute. In the Commercial Court of Paris, "DUPONT-HISSEL" obtained a judgment in which it referred a series of questions to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling, raising the issue of the conformity with European competition law of the sale of ADIDAS by Crédit Lyonnais and a consortium of other banks.

BIONEXT, one of the main networks of medical laboratories in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which is challenging, both before the Luxembourg courts and before the European Commission, the legality, with regard to European competition and public procurement rules, of the award by the Luxembourg government of a number of contracts to its competitor, "Laboratoires Réunis", for a total amount of approximately 150 million euros, in the context of the "Large-Scale Testing" in the fight against Covid.