European Super League:A22 appoints new CEO to initiate open dialogue on the future of European club football

On 19 October 2022, A22 Sports Management, a co-claimant in the ongoing proceedings between the European Super League Company and UEFA, appointed Bernd Reichart as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Reichart’s initial focus will be to start an open, active, and extended dialogue with all football stakeholders to facilitate the development of a sustainable sporting model for European club competitions that reflect the best interests of fans, clubs,and the broader football community.

As a foundation for this dialogue, Reichart stated: “We want to reach out to stakeholders in the European football community and broaden this vision. It is a blank slate. Format will never be an obstacle.”

He stressed that:“There is a reassessment. There is a clearly stated move towards an open format and that permanent membership is off the table. We want to see whether or not there is broader consensus about the problems facing European football.”

In the run-up to Mr Reichart’s appointment, Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid CF, President of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta and Chairman of Juventus FC Andrea Agnelli shared their views on a fully meritocratic European competition informed by a comprehensive dialogue with key football stakeholders.

Andrea Agnelli

Juventus has been and will always be an active player in proposing solutions to the problems of our industry, as it cares about its long-term sustainability. The overall goal is to put fans and footballers, the souls of the most beautiful sport in the world, back at the center of this industry, whose throbbing heart is in the European Union. (…) Reforms, in any context, can only be achieved through listening and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.”

Joan Laporta

Please forget about the Super League format and whether it is a rich, elitist, open or closed competition. (…) I assure you that you will have news soon, because the appropriate channels of dialogue will be established, working with the entire football family, without pressure and for the benefit of all. Bearing in mind the principle of solidarity, meritocracy, and I insist, offering solutions for all clubs.”

Florentino Pérez

The format cannot and will never be an obstacle stopping a constructive and free dialogue to address the very serious problems in European football. Problems that we must urgently solve for the good of football. (…) Only in this way can we protect the future of football as a whole, as a global sport and for the benefit of all. It must be, as we have always proposed, the result of a free debate among the entire football family. And obviously, for that, the clubs must be free and masters of their destiny in Europe, always in accordance with the laws and authorities of the European Union.”

A22 and the three clubs are co-claimants in Case C-333/21 European Super League Company v UEFA. Following the Court of Justice’s ruling, they hope that football clubs in the EU will, for the first time, be able to openly work together towards fundamental reforms. Football governance in Europe is at an inflection point. “Dupont-Hissel” is part of the legal team representing the ESL Company and A22.

On 15 December 2022, Advocate-General Athanasios Rantos will publish his non-binding opinion on the case. The judgment of the Court is expected for March 2023.


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